I think, the Art of the 21st Century is characterized by the permanent quest for new catalysts.

The current artist works with materials, uses any technique, merges styles and operates with new electronic technologies or even mechanical reproduction to create the objects.

The creator is always seeking for new paths and forms of expression.

The artist is looking for impact and joins the audience by confounding, exploring emotions and, sometimes integrating the work itself so that the composition cannot be completed without the presence or participation of the spectator.

Very often the artist withdraws all intellectual reflections to preserve originality and artistic creativity.


In ‘Digital Art’ the term ‘Vector Art’ defines digital images that are not composed by pixels.

The images are mathematically assigned by vectors taking as a reference a series of points connecting the dots with linear paths.

The vectors shape polygons and monochrome surfaces that assemble the images.

I claim ‘Vectorism’ as the artistic bias, very diverse in its interpretation created by computer technology.

In my actual artistic state, I use the results obtained by this new technology for my work.

I transfer my creation and apply several additional steps to accomplish the perfect symbiosis between photographic images and traditional interpretations using different pictorial techniques (i.e. oil, acrylics, stamped on paper, canvas or other materials) in order to compose a consecutive imprint.

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